11 abominations


11 abominations

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Everyone who reblogs this before August 1st will get a drawing based on their blog


Hopefully I can brighten people’s days c:

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holland roden, ladies & gentlemen:

  • "oH GOD" is her reaction to jydia being endgame
  • "i’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that PYDIA IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN"
  • chooses stiles when asked about which character she’d like to see lydia get married to

conclusion? holland roden is the #1 stydia shipper

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Here.These girls deserve more attention. 


These girls deserve more attention. 

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that was beautiful

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Her true name was Chang Mo Chou, but her father’s broken English and a typist’s mistake on her Hogwarts’ registration form tore away her old name and replaced it with a new label. She didn’t mind. She was used to being labeled and re-labeled, floating like a feather upon the winds of Western whims. Her skin was no longer moon-light pale, as her mother had praised in the nursery, it was the yellow of old parchment and early spring blossoms. Respecting authority and keeping quiet was no longer a sign of good breeding (how many times had her mother told her that children should keep open ears and silent tongues?) - somehow, in English, her behavior translated into painful shyness and introversion. Tea was drunk cold as tap water, masked by shades of milk and sugar and the electric zing of lemon. Words melted from labours of art into cold formulas, each element carefully measured and lined up behind the one before. 

Like the world around her, she too was simplified for Western consumption. First name, Cho, middle name, Mo, last name, Chang. Cho Chang. Cho didn’t mind. The words sounded like bells, ringing in the quiet distance. So would she live, ringing quietly and steadily, waiting for someone to hear her music in the wind. But not silver bells, Cho whispers to herself, a bronze ling, reciting the poem of her complex existence.

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Imagine sitting beside your icon on a 14 hours plane ride

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this is the most precious beautiful picture ever i cannot right now

for a second I thought they were cosplaying and I said “wow they look really similar to the guys in the movie



this is the most precious beautiful picture ever i cannot right now

for a second I thought they were cosplaying and I said “wow they look really similar to the guys in the movie

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Uh someone suggested I do this thing.






For every reblog, yes reblogs only, this gets I’ll push my suicide date back a day. The date is July 13th 2014 as of making this post (aka it’s in thirteen days).

I guess I’ll give it a shot to see if anyone cares.

Guys please.




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annie in her wedding dress

as requested by anon

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pretty much there are only four types of comic book fans here on tumblr at this point

there are comic book fans in general

there are dc fans 

there are marvel fans

and then there are the marvel fans who gotta make everything a competition but pretty much shit talks dc without even having a clue what’s going on with dc and is pretty much being an ignorant shit just to make marvel superior

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" No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ”  - Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote really inspires me because of its truth. In life, we strive to be better, whether we realize it or not… prettier, smarter, wealthier, healthier, more creative, etc. And that’s great! But are we doing these things for acceptance or just for ourselves? Just remember this: No one can push you down unless you let them. No one can be better than you unless you let yourself see them that way. Please love yourself. You are the only you out there who can do the things you do and you are amazing. Okay? Hang in there and amazing things will happen. and Be the best you that you can be for yourself, and not for anyone else.

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